Get three event clients in the next 90 days (even without a marketing budget)...and don't just dream about starting your event business. Let's make it happen!
You know you’re good at planning events.  

Your family and friends tell you what incredible planning talents you have.

But, as talented as you are, and as much as you want to start your event business and thrive financially…you just don't know how to consistently find event clients let alone offer them the value you know you can provide them.

Sure you could spend hours and hours networking, hoping that clients will fall into your lap after meeting once at an event.

But we both know that what’s really going to get you to where you want to be, is learning how to get your event business up and running so you can offer value and so you’re clear about what event services you offer when you meet clients.
You know you’re stuck and don’t know what the next step is to move your launch your event business.

You’re researching a ton of information online, but you don’t have a clear path forward that you’re sure of. 

Maybe you fear what your friends and family will think or say? 

Perhaps you’re scared of failing or getting your event business registered only to struggle to find paying clients and build a sustainable business? 
Yet despite your worries and fears, you love planning events and know that having the freedom to make money on your terms and run your own event planning business is exactly what you want.
Yeah, you could continue researching information or using social media to magically have clients fall into your lap.

Or you could get to the heart of your event business and create value that clients can’t ignore. 

Hi, I’m Melanie!Your Success Academy Business Trainer.

I totally get it; I struggled with the same thoughts.

With a college degree, numerous certifications, 100s of hours of marketing training, frustration doesn’t begin to describe what I was feeling!
I almost gave up on my event planning business altogether. Like many people, I dreamed of having a SUCCESSFUL event planning business. 
I read books and blogs, watched webinars and took courses, hoping the clients and the money would fall from the sky!
Thousands of dollars later I still had nothing to show for it because most of the courses told me what to do but not HOW to do it. 
That’s when I made a change and put what I learned into ACTION.
…I went on to sharpen my event and business skill set, worked with Hollywood celebrities and International brands, and have helped thousands of event planners, like you, with programs like Success Academy.

So, believe me when I say, Success Academy is packed and teaches you everything you need to know in order to launch your event business – the right way.

Success Academy is an online training course for event planners that want to learn the steps you need to start your event business, how to stand out in a competitive market and be profitable.

It’s full of everything I’ve learned from starting businesses, being a successful event planner, and working with the world’s top entrepreneurs. All packed into a step-by-step course that you can use to start your event business - on your own time and at your own pace!
Hi, I’m Sandra! Your (other) Success Academy Trainer! 

I wasn’t always an entrepreneur. For years I worked in government, which left me unfulfilled and feeling trapped. I moved around a lot, trying to find the job that would “click” but it never came. I wanted out, but didn’t really know where to turn…

Eventually I was offered a contract doing management consulting overseas. Travel… adventure… naturally, I jumped at the opportunity! For a couple of years, the change of scenery felt great. But I was still working for somebody else… doing stuff I didn’t really love. That same old feeling of discontent starting to sink in.

I headed home for Christmas one year and ran into my old high school sweetheart. We fell in love all over again, and when the time came for me to leave, I just couldn’t do it. Instead, I stayed and finally set about building my dream business.
As a mid-life entrepreneur, I had to really learn about business. Nothing in my background had prepared me for this. And so I set about researching and studying how to start and grow a successful business success, methodically. And applying everything I learned.
Of course I made mistakes along the way, and some of them were quite costly. But ultimately, it worked!

Once I cracked the code, I was hooked.

Since those early days, I’ve worked with dozens and dozens of new entrepreneurs and business owners in the start-up phase.
I’m really excited to share everything I’ve learned and experienced with event planners who are at a point in their lives where they’re dreaming of something different. And ready to take a risk. Because I’ve been there. And I’ve made it to the other side, one step at a time.
"Success Academy gave me step-by-step guidance and, since registering, I have created a business plan, registered my business, worked with a graphic designer on branding and a logo, figured out my pricing structure, and created a marketing plan. In just 3 months, I am further ahead in my business than I would have been without the program."
— Tyese K.
Maryland, USA
"I had a plan on where I wanted to take my business, but I didn’t know how to get there. Success Academy was my guide and gave me the steps I needed to get the clients I wanted. Learning from Melanie and Sandra was fantastic and I know I chose the right program!"
— Monica K.
Melbourne, Australia
"The sales and marketing training, along with the Q&A webinars were a highlight for me. I loved that we could share real-life experiences and had accountability in Success Academy."
— Marie-Christine M.
Beirut, Lebanon
By the end of Success Academy, you'll:
  • Learn the key parts of your event business – and how to get them working together to get clients to hire you
  •  Have highly actionable steps and strategies that you can use to launch your event business (and get three clients in the next 90 days)
  • Know the common mistakes that take most new businesses off the rails – and how to avoid them
  •  Feel confident creating event quotes that you previously struggled with or avoided altogether
  •  Find the best marketing approaches to support you and your business goals so you can market authentically and with ease (after all, it’s more about creating an experience than a logo!)
  •  Uncover your 'Offer to Serve' – and create a seamless sales process for turning prospective customers into paying ones
  •  Understand what it takes to deliver real value for your customers, and learn to describe it in clear, compelling terms that attract the people you really want to work with
  • Apply simple systems for managing your money – and making sure there’s enough of it
Here's What You'll Get In Success Academy:
  • Step-by-step guides, templates, calculators and worksheets to walk you through marketing, sales, operations, business finances and how to create value for your event clients
  •  21 training videos so you can put the program into practice (on your own time and at your own pace)
  •  Community of like-minded event planners to strengthen your knowledge and learning experience, and to share ideas
  •  Mentorship - giving you structured support and feedback (and some cheerleading!)
As well as these BONUSES…
  •  Access to our Facebook community to make sure you get all your questions answered
  •  An incredible 1-hour lesson to help you Start Strong (waiting in the members' area for you now!)
  •  A 23-page manual that teaches you how to attract event clients so you can approach them confidently
  •  Lifetime access to Success Academy because your learning and success are important and new content is constantly being added; meaning your investment keeps improving over time!
It’s never been easier to start an event business and do what you love!
Are You Ready for Three New Event Clients in the Next 90 Days?
Here’s what Success Academy looks like, when you join us:
Week 1
Get Down to Business
By the end of this lesson, you’ll:
  • Have a clear roadmap for starting a successful event planning business from the ground up
  • Uncover the common mistake that holds most new business owners back – and how to avoid it
  • Understand the 5 core areas of every business, and where to focus to start your business off strong
  • Apply a simple technique for making everything in your new business simpler and less stressful
Week 2
Build Your Business on Purpose (How To Create Value)
By the end of this lesson, you’ll:
  • Understand the important difference between building a business and just creating a job for yourself
  • Learn how to create real value for your clients (that they’ll be thrilled to pay for!)
  • Craft an inspiring mission statement that will guide everything you do and how you do it
  • Define your goals in 5 key areas, creating a clear path forward in your business
Week 3
Be a Marketing Machine
By the end of this lesson, you’ll:
  • Learn to establish a compelling brand so people know exactly what you offerLearn to establish a compelling brand so people know exactly what you offer
  • Find your REAL marketing sweet spot and maximize it
  • Create a simple, step-by-step Marketing Plan that supports your business goals
  •  Share your event services with clients so they know exactly how you can help them
Week 4
Take Action! 
  • A very important component to the program. This is your week to implement what you’ve learned and take action.
Week 5
Simplify Sales
By the end of this lesson, you’ll:
  • Understand sales, and how to avoid negative salesUnderstand sales, and how to get the sales you really want
  • Create a personalized 'Offer to Serve' - a simple sales tool so you have clients that love and trust you
  •  Anticipate and handle common objections effortlessly
  •  Apply a seamless, step-by-step structure to selling your event services that’s not awkward or forced
  •  Uncover why creating new opportunities is the lifeblood of your event business – and how to do it consistently
Week 6
Operate with Ease
By the end of this lesson, you’ll:
  • Learn how behind the scenes operations set the stage for your ‘front of house’ client facing activities
  • Decide which processes are essential in your business right now – and which can wait
  • Discover what must be in place for you to reliably delivery your event services so your clients hire you again and again
  • Apply a simple template for writing winning quotes
Week 7
Make Your Money
By the end of this lesson, you’ll:
  •  Learn to keep a handle on your money by setting up simple financial systems in your business  
  •  Understand why keeping track of expenses is so important – and how to do it right
  •  Learn a simple break-even analysis so you’re making money consistently
  •  Apply the best payment options for your event business and why, and how to get paid on time. Every time.
  •  Discover how to communicate your payment terms so clients sign your event contracts
Week 8
Minding Your Event Business
By the end of this lesson, you’ll:
  • Learn how working with purpose (not just being busy) helps you achieve your business goals
  • Discover a simple dashboard that helps keep everything in your business moving 
  • Crack the code on how to make changes, improve your business and get positive client feedback
  • Create an action plan to maintain your momentum 
When it comes to starting your event planning business, taking action is your #1 asset!
Is Any Of This You?...
  • You’re too busy. Between work, kids, studying, grocery shopping, and trying to have a social life you’ve told yourself that you don’t have the time or energy to start your event business
  •  Fear of failure. You’re so scared you won’t make this work and that you’ll fail because you're scared to jump in and try 
  •  You've started an event business but you're flying by the seat of your pants without a real plan for building the business you want
  •  You feel alone, and the people around you don't believe in your dream and keep telling you it's too risky to start a business
You’re right for Success Academy if :
  • You’ve planned events (no matter what type or size) and you want control over your time and income
  • You’re looking for a faster and easier way to start your event business 
  • You’re tired of doing it on your own and need step-by-step guidance and mentorship
  • You’re positive, optimistic and truly believe anything is possible for you
  • You love planning events and helping clients
  • You’re ready to learn and be part of a supportive community of like-minded event planners
  • You long to work for yourself and enjoy all the perks of being your own boss 
  • You’re willing to make the financial investment in yourself, your business and your future
You can get started from exactly where you are
You probably want to know about the money…
Like you, we love helping people and there is nothing we love seeing more than our clients succeed. We want to help you do that.
We could charge $1997 for Success Academy and it would easily sell, but just because we can doesn’t mean we will.
We truly believe in the power of business owners supporting other business owners, which is why we want to get this valuable content into the hands of as many event planners as possible.
We don't want price to be the only reason holding you back from learning the business strategies you need, which is why we've decided to offer the content at this super-low price that anyone can afford.
"Melanie is an experienced and passionate professional and thanks to her simple and proven methods, I have been able to take my business to the next level! "
— Janet P.
Ontario, Canada

"I loved the materials provided, the instruction and the community interaction. If you’re going to be successful then you have to take action and Success Academy helped me do that by giving me structure and a roadmap."
— Bennie H.
Texas, USA
"Since registering for Success Academy, I'm now working on more events with more clients, and I have more confidence to run my event business."
— Ruthina B.
London, England
In Success Academy, you'll hear stories and learn lessons from actual events and business experiences, not theories that may or may not work in the real world.
Because this business-training program is based on real-world experience, it will put you years ahead in your event business by saving you from figuring out everything on your own.
Imagine taking a huge shortcut to your own success and then making back the cost of your training after only 1 client!
Make no mistake, event planning is a highly profitable business IF you know what you're doing, and Success Academy makes that possible for you.
Register with Confidence
45-Day Guarantee To Explore The Possibilities
We know that if you implement what you learn in this program you will have everything you need to catapult your event business forward. These are the tried and tested strategies that we used to launch our very own businesses.
That said, if Success Academy doesn't meet your expectations in any way, we’ll happily issue a full refund, within the first 45 days of the program. If, after trying the program for 45 days, you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply email us and we'll issue a full refund.

"The tips and information have helped me transform my business; from what to charge my clients, what details to pay attention to, who to hire, and strategies on how to grow my business. I’m more professional with my clients and I'm confident with my presentations."
— Koren H.
New York, USA
"Thanks to Melanie my business is more profitable, I spend more time with my family and I am energized about the future of my business. "
— Julien M.
Ontario, Canada
"The tips and information have helped me transform my business; from what to charge my clients, what details to pay attention to, who to hire, and strategies on how to grow my business. I’m more professional with my clients and I'm confident with my presentations."
— Koren H.
New York, USA
"Thanks to Melanie my business is more profitable, I spend more time with my family and I am energized about the future of my business. "
— Julien M.
Ontario, Canada
What are you waiting for? 
It’s time to start your event business today! 

It's your turn

Simply hit the payment button below and you'll be taken to the payment screen where you can complete your purchase using any major credit card.

Once your purchase is complete you'll receive a welcome email from the Event Planning Blueprint team along with instant access to the ENTIRE Success Academy program, all the bonuses and instructions for the live, monthly Q&A calls.
Don't wait anymore. It's your time...  
Enroll Now In Success Academy’s Online Business Training Program And Get Your Event Business Up And Running. 
Q. Will it work? 
If you're currently listening to an internal monologue that's looping over and over and sounding a little like this: "Will it work? Is it the right program for me? What if I fail? How is this really different from everything else I’ve tried?" it's time for a breather.

The investment you’re about to make in Success Academy is really an investment in you: in your self-belief, mindset and your potential.

 We can't categorically promise that this program will work for you or the level of results you will get – only you have control over that. What we can promise is that, what we teach in this program has worked for us personally and hundreds of people who we've worked with. What did we all have in common? We committed fully, invested time and energy and didn't sit around waiting for the success to come. We know you can do that too!
Q. When Does Success Academy Start?
Right now! As soon as you register, you’ll get an email with directions to access the ENTIRE program!

We'll help guide you through the materials, share expert tips and strategies and give you the opportunity to ask questions. This course includes videos, a Facebook group, and exercise sheets that you can download.

Q. I'm really busy. How much time will I have to invest to get results?
The greater the amount of time you spend, the better your results are likely to be. Getting a business off the ground isn't all sunshine and rainbows and it's easy to get discouraged in those early days when you feel like you're pouring so much of yourself into the business and perhaps only seeing a very small return. But here's the real truth: in order to have what you desire tomorrow, you have to commit to taking action today.
Q. Do I get access to the entire program at once? 
Yes! Success Academy is designed so you complete weekly modules with access to our Facebook group to further enhance your learning experience and provide you with the opportunity to ask questions - anytime! This is a proven system to follow and allows you the best outcome and success in the program, plus the most flexibility to learn on your own time and at your own pace!

 When you complete Success Academy, you get lifetime access and can re-visit the entire program and all the modules in any order and whenever you’d like. 

Q. I'm just not sure I’m ready to make the investment...
We totally get how investing in yourself can feel challenging, especially if you've already invested a decent amount of money in your business already. And when you're still waiting to see a return on the money you've already spent, it’s hard to see something and know it could make a massive difference if only the money issue wasn’t in the way.

But here's the thing.

Success Academy will shorten the traditional start-up timeline and lower the learning hurdles in more ways than you thought possible.  Check payment options.

Just think of all the money you've already invested in programs, courses and coaching sessions that haven't yet given you what you really need: to feel confident that you're setting your business up the right way and know step-by-step actions how to land clients who trust you with their big event.
Q. Will Success Academy be offered again?
If you want to start your own event planning business and you want to join Success Academy, do it today. You are always going to be busy and doubt and fear can stop you from feeling ‘ready’, but there’s never a perfect time. 

Q. What if I find the program isn't for me? Can I get a refund?
We know that if you implement what you learn in this program you will have everything you need to catapult your events business forward. 

These are the tried and tested strategies that we've used to get our very own businesses off the ground.

That said, if Success Academy doesn't meet your expectations in any way within the first 45 days, simply send us an email to info(at)eventplanningblueprint(dot)com and we'll issue a full refund.
Q. What is the payment plan for Success Academy?

Success Academy will shorten the traditional start-up timeline and lower the learning hurdles in more ways than you thought possible so don't let money stop you from getting your event business started.  Check payment options.

Just think of all the money you've already invested in marketing that hasn't worked and hasn't yet given you what you really need: to feel confident that you're setting your business up the right way and know step-by-step actions to ACTUALLY have clients hire you...who also trust you with their event.

What are you waiting for? 
Get Instant Access To Success Academy Now!
We want you to feel secure in your decision to join our Success Academy community. 

It really matters to us that Success Academy feels like a great fit for you so we want to make sure you have all the information you need to make your decision to invest to be an easy "yes". Need to know more about the modules, content or just need to ask a question? Contact us >>here<< and we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less.
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